Inspired by the eclectic combinations of brilliant colours, sensuous textures and intricate patterns in Asia, Mandarin Swing draws from the styles of history, to create fashion for the future. Japan’s ‘kimono’, China’s ‘Qi Pao’ as well as Malaysian ‘batik sarong’, have all influenced this creative collection of high quality hand-made children’s clothes. This is a fantasy fusion of the traditional and modern. These timeless garments are for dressing up, as well as dressing down, from 2 years old to 10 years young.

We all take many things for granted. The simplest of which is education. 
That is why from April thru December, Mandarin Swing will donate 5 RMB from every dress you purchase
 to Couleurs de Chine.

The main goal of this French association is to help girls from the ethnic minorities of the mountainous region of northern Guangxi Province,  get a chance at a primary and secondary education, with the hope of continuing to university. 

These funds improve the odds while at the same time preserving valuable traditional culture.

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Mandarin Swing is  now a proud supporter of